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Home goods

As I mentioned before, I am a maker of things. I just can’t stop! 

I enjoy creating smaller pieces that allow me to keep moving in my practice with a little more looseness and leisure. My Yogi Luchadores come from the idea of cultural misplacement: a Mexican luchador doing Yoga in the USA, how silly is that? 

I also like everything that has to do with fabric, patterns, embroidery, etc. All these elements together gave place to my Frida dolls. While playing with patterns and repeats I created a 22”x30” print that I printed on fabric. With it I created a small edition of pillows. I usually sell these products at local art fairs. 

They are objects intended to bring a smile to your face. You can find them at my online store. 

I also like cooking, and baking, and cutting my girls’ hair but I won't show you all those pictures here.

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