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I consider myself a printmaker and a maker of things. I also enjoy drawing, painting, mixed media, and fibers. I was born in Lima, Peru; my mother is Mexican and my father is Chinese-Peruvian. In 1983, when I was 9 years old, my parents decided to move to Mexico because of the guerrilla wars (Sendero Luminoso), and the social and economic instability Peru was going through. In Mexico I grew up in close proximity to my aunt, who was a stained glass artist. Together we sewed, made preserves, and worked on stained glass; she always told me I was an artist. That's how I started dreaming of being an artist.

I attended art college in Mexico. I came face to face with printmaking during my first year at the Facultad de Artes Plásticas (College of Arts) in Xalapa, Veracruz. At that time printmaking was a difficult class to pass. It was a class attended mostly by male students, and etching with nitric acid and little ventilation was the first project in the program. The professor was well known for giving harsh critiques to the students' art work, yet I decided to stick around. I became fascinated with the possibility of having more than one print of my own pieces, with the many possibilities printmaking offers, as well as its importance in politics throughout history. A few years later in 2000, I earned my BFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a double major in painting and printmaking.

My work is closely related to my experiences of living abroad– the impermanence, the precarious construction of one's present and even less of the future. It's about starting over with whatever is at hand, and about the rootlessness of the ones who move from place to place. Amongst the subjects that interest me are human migration, social visibility, and the intrinsic relation of humans to the universe and our dislocated relationship with it.  

My way of working is based first in the observation and study of the theme I want to develop. Visually, drawing is for me the strongest foundation my prints can have. That's why you can find the original drawings of my prints as part of my portfolio. From there, I move into the production of my prints, which are usually linoleum prints and monoprints.

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