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Essays on invisibility

The prints in this collection are my personal interpretation of how invisible immigrants, BIPOC, LGBTQ and anyone that doesn’t fit the established standards of normality are in their own settings. Legal or illegal, able or not able to make a comfortable living in this country, minority groups are somehow invisible, a lesser human. We are different, and most of the time people do not know how to approach us, which gives way to uncomfortable experiences. Those experiences include microaggressions, physical aggression and violent crimes. These experiences leave us thinking of our value to society; they are a constant reminder of how undervalued we are. When talking about immigrants, our assimilation process is a difficult one. We miss our homes, our families, and our culture. We are surprised by all that is different from what we expected. 

In this series, I am trying to interpret the effort of minority groups to remain, to take on opportunities offered by their surroundings, to become visible and therefore included in society.


"Essays on Invisibility" Artist Talks.

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