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Guarumo Series

In the process of honest observation, one can find that the things we find around us are just repetitions of patterns, shapes, textures, and structures. Constellations have a certain similarity to chemical formulas, our solar system looks just like the representation of atomic structures, the veins in our arms and legs look just like a small version of rivers throughout our body, or the tunnels insects and other animals make underground. Observation requires stillness. It’s in stillness that we are able to connect what we observe with our surroundings and to a higher being, a creator, the universe, and ultimately God to find out that as it is above, so it is below.

I approached this series thinking about the different ways we have to observe things. We can observe through a telescope, a microscope as in “The Gifts of the Microscopist”, through a camera lens like in snapshots which I represented in the same format our parents used to store printed pictures of family members, vacations, landscapes, and places in photo albums. We can also observe through the naked eye.

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