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          My name is Paloma Nunez-Regueiro. I'm a painter and printmaker based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I have lived in many different cities and countries: Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Boston, MA, and Rochester, NY. I studied fine arts in Mexico, and also in Rochester, NY where I graduated in 2000 with a double major in painting and printmaking.

          My work is closely related to my experiences of living abroad, the impermanence, the precarious construction of one's present and even less of the future. What's happening today is just for today, not for tomorrow. It's about starting over with whatever is at hand, and the rootlessness of the ones who move from place to place.

          My way of working is based first in the observation and study of the theme I want to develop. I always try to find a theoretical background that sustains my way of thinking. Authors such as Umberto Eco, Guilles Deleuza, Felix Guattari, Theodore Zeldin, Walter Benjamin, Mario Benedetti, and Jorge Luis Borges among others are always a good knowledgeable reference for the theme at hand. Then I move into the production of my paintings, usually large acrylic paintings. I also make prints, I own an etching press and I usually work with linocuts,wood cuts, and monoprints.

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